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Rock Bottom Salaries for Week 7 NFL DFS Main Slate

Week 7 NFL DFS Main Slate

Looking for my Week 7 NFL DFS Main Slate Top Picks? You’re in the right place. I’m fascinated with the low, low salaries on both DraftKings and Fanduel this week. It will be difficult to differentiate my Value Picks from my Top Picks!

What makes a top pick? Typically, I cover the priciest player, the player projected to score the most fantasy points, and the most consistent player. Then, I share why they’re worthwhile or if there’s a comparable replacement. 

My goal isn’t to build your lineup for you, it’s to guide you by using my experience as a sports bettor and the membership tools available at Team Rise or Fall. With that being said… let’s look at this week’s main slate favorites… after a quick word from our sponsor. 🙂

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Week 7 NFL DFS Top Picks

Who’s projected to make the most fantasy points this week? 

Lamar Jackson (or maybe CMC)

I find this to be super interesting since Lamar didn’t practice this week. Apparently, he was dealing with a minor, nagging injury. He’s also still wrestling with that whole contract negotiation thing. No biggie. He’s currently projected to bring in around 24 fantasy points on both DraftKings and FanDuel. Typically, there is at least a $2K difference between the salaries on the two platforms, but this week, you can grab Lamar for $8.0 with 6% rostership on DraftKings and $8.8 with 7% rostership on FanDuel. That makes him a great buy on FanDuel IMO. 

Outside of Quarterbacks… Christian McCaffrey is slated to bring in 21 fantasy points on DK with 8% rostership and 17 fantasy points on FD with 10% rostership. Let’s talk salary. Again, we’re looking at a real value here with the salaries being quite close on both DK ($8.4) and FD ($8.7). It would be hard not to add CMC to my FanDuel lineup, especially in cash games. You’ll likely see his name pop up again in my Value Picks article. 

Got deep pockets?

Davante Adams (and Austin Ekeler)

Davante Adams is priced at $8.7 on DK and $8.6 on FD. This is far too pricey based on his FPPG projections (14 DK, 11 FD), although I could see him smashing those projections against Houston. Rostership is super low (2.2% DK, 3.6% FD). Likely because the price tag doesn’t match the projected outcome. It could be worth getting in on this if you have the space in your salary cap.

I hate to keep calling it out, but the way the salaries are set up this week has me leaning toward FanDuel big time. Why? If you’re not familiar, FD gives an additional $10K in the salary cap, but also typically has higher salaries in general. That isn’t the case this week. This means that FanDuel players have the opportunity to build a more optimal lineup.

Something else has caught my attention too – the top salaries are usually north of $9K and even as high as $12K on occasion. It has me wondering if salaries have come down because of how bad football has been lately. regardless of the reason, I’m all in this week and will be jumping into several contests. 

Austin Ekeler is the priciest on FanDuel this week at $9.5. He’s just $8.3 on DraftKings, which will make him a pretty sweet value pick. Rostership is starting to reflect that at nearly 8% on DK, but it’s currently hovering around 7% on FD. He’s projected to bring in around 20 fantasy points on DK and 17 on FD. 

Looking for consistency?

Josh Reynolds

While our member-exclusive StudyHub tools don’t show Josh Reynolds as being any sort of value… he is a consistent scorer and he is very inexpensive. If consistency plays any role in your DFS strategy, take a look at this. The Detroit wide-receiver is only projected for around 5 fantasy points, but over the last 3 weeks, he’s produced an average of 14 FPPG. The biggest issue in adding Reynolds to any lineup is his health. He missed practice on Wednesday due to a knee injury. We’ll need to wait this one out to make a final decision before the lock.

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