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Stanley Cup Playoff Hot Pucking Stacks 5/3 NHL DFS

NHL DFS - Expert Analysis and Projections

Stanley Cup Playoff Hot Pucking Stacks 5/3 NHL DFS

Stanley Cup Playoff Hot Pucking Stacks
Chris Robin https://twitter.com/DetroitBeastie

The Stanley Cup-winning hockey team plays around, give, or take twenty total games. It took Tampa Bay 22 games to win the Cup in 2020. While it took the Blues 26 games to win the Cup in 2019. To put that into perspective a human being could get to the moon and back in only six days. If humans could travel at light speed(186,282 miles per second) like Han Solo and Chewbacca in the Millennium Falcon, it would only take 43 minutes to get to Jupiter. One more because I am having fun, but it only takes 1 day 22 hours 39 minutes, and 38 seconds to fly around the world!

The Stanley Cup Playoffs are a grueling chess match comprised of mental and physical torture. Hockey players, to me, have always been a different breed. What other sport could you lose 17 teeth, get 35 stitches, and break your hand all while looking at the clock waiting for your next shift?

The first-round game 1’s finishes up tonight as eight more teams embark on the journey of a lifetime. Daily fantasy sports and betting aside stop and think about what I said. Entire organizations willingly risk everything to compete in this tournament. The Stanley Cup Playoffs are unlike anything I have ever witnessed. It is my honor and privilege to cover it all for you from a DFS perspective!

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Back at it with four games tonight! The first puck drop is at 7p EST in New York. While the nightcap starts at 10p EST in Calgary. Let’s dig in!

FLORIDA PANTHERS L2 vs. Washington Capitals 7:30p EST

Sam Bennett L2 & PP2(FD-$6,400)(DK-$4,200)
Claude Giroux L2 & PP1(FD-$6,300)(DK-$4,100)
Jonathan Huberdeau L2 & PP1(FD-$9,100)(DK-$7,400)

The Panthers went into God mode and finished the season with the best overall record at 58-18-6 and 122 points. The Panthers did lose three of their last four games to end the season, but I would pay no mind to that. Florida had already clinched first place in both the division and the conference. Was a calculated move to rest guys in advance of the playoffs.

The Panthers are scoring, on average, 4.10 goals a game while the Capitals are allowing around 3 goals a game. Jonathan Huberdeau is leading the team in assists with 85 and a bevy of points with 115. Whatever you do tonight please make sure it includes the Florida Panthers. They have been, without doubt, the favorite stack of Hot Puck all season. Why would that change in the postseason? Plus, the over has cashed in each of Florida’s last 8 games against The Washington Capitals!

Florida is healthy, hot, and very good and will win tonight, at home, by a final score of 5-3!

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COLORADO AVALANCHE L1 vs. Nashville Predators 9:30p EST

Nathan MacKinnon L1 & PP1(FD-$10,000)(DK-$8,600)
Gabriel Landeskog L1 & PP1(FD-$7,500)(DK-$4,700)
Andre Burakovsky L1 & PP1(FD-$5,200)(DK-$3,600)

The Avalanche has been legit and fully stackable all season. Yet, during the regular season, there was little to no leverage and value to be had given their price tags. Now, in the first round of the playoffs, there is no reason to pussyfoot around. There are no secrets in game 1.

Colorado’s offense has been lights out all year scoring, on average, 3.80 goals a game on 35 total team shots. First-line winger Mikko Rantanen leads the team in points(92) and in goals(36). The total has gone over in 5 of the Preds’ last 5 games. While the total has gone over in 5 of Colorado’s last 6 games against Nashville!

Don’t expect much respect here in this one as these two despise each other. Colorado wins tonight, at home, by a final score of 5-1!


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WASHINGTON CAPITALS L1 at Florida Panthers 7:30p EST

Evgeny Kuznetsov L1 & PP1(FD-$6,600)(DK-$5,100)
Alexander Ovechkin L1 & PP1(FD-$9,400)(DK-$7,700)
Conor Sheary L1 & PP2(FD-$4,500)(DK-$2,700)

The Caps finished the season at 44-26-12 good for 100 points and got into the playoffs as the second Wild Card selection. Washington finishes the regular season by losing their final four games and five of their last six. Again, no real signs of concern given the makeup of this squad.

The Capitals are scoring, on average, 3.30 goals a game while allowing around 3 goals a game. Ovechkin is leading Washington in goals with 50 and in points with 90. While first-line center Evgeny Kuznetsov is the leading the Caps in assists with 54.

Yes, Washington is 1-5 straight up in their last 6 games but it doesn’t matter, to me, who wins tonight. However, I do think the Capitals hang 3 or 4 goals making this game in Florida a fully stackable affair!

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That is, it! Good luck tonight as the Stanley Cup Playoffs take flight!

Did I miss something? A certain team? A specific player?

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