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Stanley Cup Playoff Hot Pucking Stacks 5/5 NHL DFS

NHL DFS - Expert Analysis and Projections

Stanley Cup Playoff Hot Pucking Stacks 5/5 NHL DFS

Stanley Cup Playoff Hot Pucking Stacks!
Chris Robin

Sorry for the late edition of Hot Pucking Stacks! Sometimes my real life gets in the way of my fantasy life. Have no fear, come hell or high water I will always get out my daily fantasy sports content to you!

When we sit down and look over tonight’s hockey action one thing stands out! The opportunity to take some calculated risks. Let’s roll the dice! Let’s use all these numbers to our advantage. Hot Puck tonight is chalked full of outstanding betting trends that I have used to tell a story about three off-the-wall line combo stacks.

From here on out we will get a four-game slate until teams are eliminated. As Marshal Mathers once said, “Look, if you had one shot or one opportunity to seize everything you ever wanted in one moment would you capture it? Or just let it slip?”

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COLORADO AVALANCHE L1 vs. Nashville Predators 7:30p EST

Nathan MacKinnon L1 & PP1(FD-$10,200)(DK-$8,600)
Mikko Rantanen L1 & PP1(FD-$8,100)(DK-$4,700)
Valeri Nichushkin L1 & PP2(FD-$6,600)(DK-$3,600)

Colorado beat the Preds 7–2 on Tuesday on the strength of two goals and an assist by captain Nathan MacKinnon. Stud defenseman Cale Makar scored once and tallied two assists. While Miko Rantanen notched three assists! The Avs scored five of those seven goals in the first period! This one was over before it started!

Why fool around or get cute tonight? Check out these recent betting trends and tell me what the plan is. The total has gone over in 6 of the Pred’s last 6 games. The total has gone over in 5 of Av’s last 5 games against Nashville. The total has gone over in 4 of Colorado’s last 5 games at Ball Arena. The total has also gone over in 4 of the Av’s last 5 games when playing the Preds at home. Please bet the over.

The Colorado Avalanche should steamroll the Preds again tonight by a final score of 6-2!

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Sidney Crosby L1 & PP1(FD-$8,800)(DK-$7,500)
Jake Guentzel L1 & PP1(FD-$8,500)(DK-$6,900)
Bryan Rust L1 & PP1(FD-$7,500)(DK-$5,000)

Now that game one of this series is over, we can stack to these line combos! On defense, the Rangers are allowing 2.50 goals a game on about 31 total shot attempts. However, on offense, Pittsburgh is scoring, on average 3.30 goals a game on 35 shots. One little factoid I found that some folks might glance over is the Penguin’s 51%-win rate on faceoffs. To most, it’s nothing but in the Playoffs that could mean an extra possession, shot, and goal!

This series is about to be a whirlwind. Just a back-and-forth affair. Tonight, stack up the Penguins as they win by a final score of 5-3!


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WASHINGTON CAPITALS L1 at Florida Panthers 7:30p EST

Evgeny Kuznetsov L1 & PP1(FD-$6,800)(DK-$4,900)
Alexander Ovechkin L1 & PP1(FD-$9,500)(DK-$7,600)
Conor Sheary L1(FD-$4,400)(DK-$2,900)

Tonight, be the first night in months that the Panthers are playing and I’m not willing to tell folks to stack them. Florida is still on the table, but I just like the Caps a little more! Surprisingly, Washington beat the Panthers in game 1 by a final score of 4-2! The idea of the Caps opening it up with one game in hand really excites me!

Washington is 9-4 in their last 13 road games. While I am aware the masses are betting and stacking Florida tonight let’s take a risk and run with the Caps! The Panthers are 1-5 in their last 6 playoff games as a favorite. Tonight has all the makings of a panic fest for Florida fans! I cannot shake this feeling of an overtime game. The third period ends 4-4 and Washington scores and gets it done in the first five minutes!

The Washington Capitals stun the Florida Panthers tonight by a final score of 5-4 and head home up to two games!

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That is, it! Good luck tonight as the Stanley Cup Playoffs take flight!

Did I miss something? A certain team? A specific player?

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