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Underdog Best Ball Fantasy Football: It’s Time to Start Calling CeeDee Lamb Elite in 2022

CeeDee Lamb

Will this be the season that we start calling CeeDee Lamb “elite”? This will be his 3rd season with the Dallas Cowboys and while his previous two seasons were good, neither reached the mythical elite status. 

With Amari Cooper being traded and Michael Gallup on starting the season, this will open up at least 16% more target share for CeeDee Lamb. Previously finishing WR22 and WR19, this could be the year CeeDee Lamb breaks into the top 10. 

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Can CeeDee Lamb Be Elite?

Can CeeDee Lamb be elite? Yes. Of course he can. There’s a long standing hypothesis that it takes two seasons for a Wide Receiver to feel comfortable on the field, to be able to read his Quarterback, and to develop his skills in general. Sounds kind of like a fairytale or myth, huh? Look at Cooper Cupp, Deebo Samuel, and DeAndre Hopkins to name a few 3rd year WR breakouts. 

Although, there are certainly 3rd year WRs that didn’t make their breakout by year three, more often than not, if a player is poised to be a star, year 3 seems to be the sweet spot. The stars seem to be aligned for CeeDee Lamb to make a 3rd year breakout, for sure. Coming off of a decent season, finishing WR19, he’s sure to finish higher this year as more of the target share has become available. 


Underdog Best Ball Strategy

Working CeeDee Lamb into your Underdog Best Ball Fantasy Football strategy isn’t that difficult. He’ll easily go as a WR1 in the first few rounds. If you’re looking to create a stack, you’ll need to plan for that early depending on the format. In single QB formats, you’ll be able to pick up Dak Prescott later in the draft vs a SuperFlex format, where QBs will start to go much faster. 

Stacking Dak Prescott with CeeDee Lamb is a fantastic strategy when it comes to Best Ball. It’s unlikely that either of these two will have a bad week together, so you can count on racking up the points between QB and WR. You could also consider stacking CeeDee Lamb with a RB counterpart, such as Ezekiel Elliot. 

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