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Super Duper Bottom of the Barrel Wild Card Weekend Quarterback NFL DFS Breakdown

Super Duper Bottom of the Barrel Wild Card Weekend Running Backs NFL DFS Breakdown

Super Duper Bottom of the Barrel Wild Card Weekend Quarterback NFL DFS Breakdown

Christopher Robin


One of the greatest weeks of the NFL season is upon us, Wild Card Weekend! As a true-blue football fan, the idea of anything happening on the biggest stage is exciting. On the flip side, after all the time, efforts, and battles it could all be over. Yet again, anything can happen!

When I was a little boy Wild Card weekend always reminded me of the Joker from Batman comics. Now as an adult I still tend to think that way, which only adds to the allure of the whole thing. There have been some all-time classic games in the Wild Card round! However, looking back these games were traditionally played around Christmas. Even Christmas Eve when Seattle and Green Bay went to overtime. Matt Hasselback and the Seahawks won the coin toss and Matt shouted, “We want the ball and we’re going to win!” Only to throw a pick-6 the next play and lose the game. One of many memories made on Wild Card Weekend!

As the NFL Playoffs start and carry-on Bottom of the Barrel will roll along with it! As teams are eliminated and the player pool becomes thinner, Bottom of the Barrel will morph and change. We have some time to enjoy all of it and that time starts now! Let’s talk about some Wild Card NFL DFS options!

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Josh Allen BUF vs. MIA(31st)(FD-$9,200)(DK-$7,900)(Y!-$40)

Watching Josh and the Bills play Sunday was almost a spiritual experience. Not to sound overdramatic but that kickoff touchdown to start the game was truly amazing. Some folks on social media have used the word scripted or fake but as an adult man why can’t we just believe in magic? All that aside Josh and this Bills offense is like poetry in motion. The way he flicks the ball effortlessly into the hands of Stefon Diggs running at full speed is beautiful. I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my condolences to the Miami Dolphins and their fan base. Buffalo is rolling right now and with the connection and cohesion of this group they have looked unstoppable. I have Josh Allen at 21-22 completions, 245-250 yards, 8-9 carries, 40 yards, and a pair of touchdown passes. I also think Josh finds the endzone on the ground. Oh boy.

Justin Herbert LAC @ JAX(22nd)(FD-$7,800)(DK-$6,600)(Y!-$31)

At first glance I thought maybe I should leave Justin off the article just based on his price tag and the fact this article has always been about those low cost and low owned guys but it’s the playoffs. It’s Wild Card Weekend actually, anything goes and who cares, right? Herbert completed 25 of his 37 attempts for 273 yards and two touchdowns Sunday. Shockingly, Justin played most of the game. Yes, Justin and the Chargers lost to the lowly Broncos in Week 18, but I still find him to be carrying momentum in the playoffs. He has back-to-back games with two touchdown passes, a healthy Keenan Allen, and the excitement of entering his first postseason as a pro! I am counting on 26-27 completions, 280 yards, 2-4 carries, 12-15 yards, and two more touchdown passes. If it matters, I have the Chargers to score 28 total points. So maybe we see Herbs score one on the ground too?

Trevor Lawrence JAX vs. LAC(13th)(FD-$7,700)(DK-$5,700)(Y!-$24)

Wow! What a way to the end the season and punch your ticket to the playoffs! Let’s be honest about Trevor’s Week 18 performance. It wasn’t his best game, but he did just enough to get the Jags over the hump and to an AFC South title! The Jacksonville defense got it done late in the 4th with a scoop and score touchdown. I’d say the Jaguars are beginning to peak at the right time. Regardless of all this Lawrence tailed 4,113 passing yards and 25 touchdowns this year. As he enters his first professional playoff game, I think the surrounding cast is good enough to make Trevor shine. Zay Jones was wide open in the endzone last week and Lawrence missed him. I firmly believe a miss like that will be held close in this kid’s head as he tightens up heading into a raucous TIAA Bank Field Saturday night. Everything is set up for him and the Jaguars to smash. I’m counting on 22-23 completions, 240 yards, 5-6 carries, 35-40 yards, and two touchdowns.

Kirk Cousins MIN vs. NYG(15th)(FD-$7,500)(DK-$5,900)(Y!-$27)

Kirk mother-flipping Cousins! He had us eating out of the palm of his hand the last few weeks of the fantasy football season. Then, when we needed him most, in Week 17 he bombed! If you were able to survive that and still become a fellow fantasy champion, then I salute you! Cousins only played the first half but did complete 17 of 20 passes for 225 yards and a touchdown. Was just a little warm up type game after the clunker in Green Bay. Just keeping up with the momentum of the Vikings season you could say. On a good note, he did set a season high for completion percentage. It all seems so boring and mundane for Kirk, but we already knew that. When we look ahead to this one Sunday afternoon against the Giants the keys to the game are simple. If I give you moment, I bet you could also come up with the same plan. Let’s try it. So, in the last few moments what did you come up with? Stop Saquan Barkley? Feed Dalvin Cook? Or target Justin Jefferson a dozen times? All fantastic ideas but targeting Justin is my favorite idea! The Giant’s defense is middle of the pack across the board against all offensive positions. I can see Kirk going to work and being surgical in this one. Spreading the ball around to Jefferson, Hockenson, Thielen, Osborn, and Cook as the home crowd cheers and leaves happy. We should count on 22-23 completions, 265-270 yards, 2-3 carries, 8-10 yards, and three touchdown passes. As odd as it sounds, I could see Kirk being the number one overall DFS quarterback this weekend.

Daniel Jones NYG @ MIN(28th)(FD-$7,400)(DK-$5,600)(Y!-$32)

Daniel was inactive last week as the Giants were already locked into the NFC Playoffs as the 6th seed. Last time Danny played, Week 17, he went nuclear accounting for four total touchdowns! Jones tallied 177 passing yards and two touchdowns. While he rushed for 91 yards and scored twice on the ground! If we dig a little deeper into the Vikings defense, we find a bunch of holes and ways to get over them. For example, Minnesota has allowed, on average, 25.9 points a game to opposing offenses. While the Giants are scoring 21.5 points a game. With Saquon Barkley back and at full speed it only furthers Daniels cause. Aside from Miami at Buffalo I am expecting this Giants at Minnesota game to be the second highest point total of the weekend. You can lock in Jones with Slayton and Richie James Jr. and still have enough funds for the likes of a CMC/Ekeler RB combo. There are a million different ways to go with a trio of Giants and I think they deliver! My projection for Daniel Jones is around 22-23 completions, 215 passing yards, 6-7 carries, 35-40 yards, and two touchdowns.

Brock Purdy SF vs. SEA(14th)(FD-$7,100)(DK-$5,300)(Y!-$32)

If you’re still reading, then I’m sure you have been a football fan for a long time. When we look at football it’s always about the good teams and the bad teams. Straight black and white. Coaches and players are always talking about being perfect, playing perfect, executing perfect, and it goes on. Yet, we get a glimpse of Brock Purdy being delicately placed at the helm for San Francisco who has been literally perfect their last ten games. The genius behind Brock is the fact he was never asked to do much. Just hold it down on offense, lean on CMC, and let the defense run wild. Well, come to find out as the days have turned into weeks Purdy has started to do more and more as the 49ers quarterback. The results have literally been perfection. As far as the season has gone, Brock completed 15 of his 20 passes for 178 yards and three touchdowns! This kid continues to see the field brilliantly especially in the redzone. Purdy is doing everything asked of him to perfection. Feeding CMC, Kittle, and Deebo in the Red Zone is, without doubt, the smartest thing you can do as a quarterback. No offense to the Seattle Seahawks but this game is going to be bad news from the start. I have Brock Purdy at 18-19 completions, 215 yards, 1-2 carries, 5-10 yards, and three touchdowns. Two scores in the air and one on the ground as San Francisco wins big 35-13.

Tom Brady TB vs. DAL(12th)(FD-$6,800)(DK-$5,800)(Y!-$24)

Playoff Tom Brady is a whole different beast. Look, before we go there, I have a few things to say about this game and the Dallas Cowboys team overall. On Sunday, Week 17, the Cowboys looked awful as Washington pounded them 26-6. Most of the Dallas beat writers used the term, “stunningly bad” and I agree. On the other end we’ve read how the Buccaneers don’t deserve to be I the playoffs. Only due to the weakness of the NFC South. I hear you. I get it. That’s the way the NFL playoff picture is set up. When we look at the numbers, odds, over, under, and point spreads most of them point in favor of Dallas winning this game. However, I will ask you why? From a fan perspective, Brady is 7-0 against Dallas in his career. Also, the Cowboys are 1-11 their last 12 games on grass. Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay is, in fact, grass. Those are all fun little notes to discuss on a podcast or at work with your friends. As a straight up football fan, it is not wise to bet against Brady. We have seen him win time and time again. I am aware that isn’t much to hang your hat on but after a prolonged period watching him win and set records it has become clear. Regardless of this games outcome Tom will complete 28-29 passes, 285-290 yards, and a couple touchdown passes.

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