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How can we help you?

Fire off any questions you might have about memberships, content, tools, and everything in between. We get back to most emails within 24-48 hours.
Email: support@TeamRiseorFall.com

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know When Things Update?

The Discord link above is your best friend. In Discord there is a channel called #alerts-updates-live where automatic alerts are sent whenever we update any projections and tools on the website. Feel free to mute the entire Discord, but most members have their notifications on for that special channel.

What's the Deal with the $20 Fantasy Cruncher Credit?

- All $29.99 members receive $20 to FantasyCruncher.com EVERY SINGLE MONTH. Go to your ACCOUNT and click the VOUCHER tab. Follow instructions to connect your ROF account with Fantasy Cruncher. Go back to your ROF account and activate your FC voucher. Go apply your $20 and spend it on whatever you want on the Fantasy Cruncher website!

What Do You Offer?

We cover virtually all sports across most platforms. We split our content and tools up into three categories (Cash, SE, MME) so that we have coverage for whatever you are interested in. More info located here https://teamriseorfall.com/subscribe-now

What is the DFS Study Hub?

We have many, many tools across so many different sports. A cornerstone source of information is our STUDY HUBS for NFL, NBA, MLB, NASCAR, PGA, MMA, NHL. The DFS STudy Hub's are filled with an abundance of useful and actionable information for each slate of games that day. This is where you will find trends, projections, ownerships, rankings, and more.

Do You Have Tutorials?

We have an entire DFS n Donuts Tutorial page setup. All of these videos/articles are located in the top-left portion of this webpage https://teamriseorfall.com/dfsndonuts-dfs-strategy-for-draftkings-and-fanduel/