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Top 4 MLB DFS Picks for DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Targets

MLB DFS - Expert Analysis and Projections

Top 4 MLB DFS Picks for DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Targets

Top 4 MLB DFS Picks for DraftKings, FanDuel, Yahoo Fantasy Baseball Targets
Chris Robin https://twitter.com/DetroitBeastie

We all have a spark deep down inside of us. Some of that spark leads to a passionate fire. While some of it lays dormant for years on end as we toil away in obscurity. That may have sounded rude but in my opinion, it is up to each one of us to figure it out.

That fire must be tended to and fed so it can grow into a real desire! Then we are on to some time. My late father always told me to explore anything and everything which gave me happiness and joy. Do not settle just because it is comfortable. Push the envelope and follow my heart by any means necessary.

MLB 101

Here is the direct link to the MLB DFS Study Hub! https://teamriseorfall.com/mlb-dfs-study-hub/

As we dig into tonight’s baseball action let’s chase some gut feelings and explore the idea of a few one-offs that are unlike the next one. Here we go!

BOS 3B Rafael Devers(FD-$4,100)(DK-$5,900)(Y!-$27)

The Red Sox recent four-game weekend series with the Baltimore Orioles was entertaining, to say the least. In just four games the Red Sox tailed 25 runs in comparison to Baltimore’s 25. However, in the Sox’s last six games Devers has had 10 total hits while batting .485 with seven extra-base hits. Let’s not forget 11 runs with four RBI. Per the Rise or Fall Study Hub Rafael’s projection on Fanduel is about 16.43 points on only 3.8% ownership. While on DraftKings we are looking at 12.58 points on red level ownership of 7%. Ride the hotness of Devers!

LAD C Edwin Rios(FD-$2,600)(DK-$4,000)(Y!-$7)

Sometimes baseball thrusts guys into a roll they are not ready for. Unfortunately, sometimes an injury makes said roll pop without looking back. Case in point, Ed Rios. Edwin has hit six home runs in the last 15 games. He has also batted in 15 runs during that time. His strikeouts are high but not alarming given the protection around him. Rios has projected around 7.53 points on Fanduel in comparison to a measly 3.70 points on DraftKings. As the day progresses, I feel as if folks will willing to fade the kid and we will watch his ownership percentages plummet.

SEA OF Taylor Trammel(FD-$2,000)(DK-$2,000)(Y!-$14)

If you are reading this, then it is safe to assume you are a baseball slappy like me. If so, then Taylor Trammel should ring a few bells. A nice-looking prospect who fell flat on his face to start the season. Fast forward to the start of June and here is what we have. Since being brought up from Triple-A Tacoma Taylor has hit at a .353 average with one bomb, three doubles, and five RBI in just seven games. After looking at the Rise or Fall Study Hub two things are apparent. One, Trammel’s price tag, on both sites, is as cheap as it gets. Second, using Taylor tonight is like playing with the house’s money. Below 1% ownership on Fanduel and just shy of 2% on DraftKings. To be clear, last time out, Baltimore starting pitcher tonight Kyle Bradish didn’t even make it out of the 2nd inning in his last start in Boston.

BAL OF Cedric Mullins(FD-$3,400)(DK-$4,600)(Y!-$13)

Raise your hand if you were aware that Cedric has eleven stolen bases! Color me intrigued! As it stands now Mullins has a slash line of .241/.303/.372 ahead of the first pitch tonight. Seattle pitcher Robbie Ray throws his 4-seam fastball up and in a whopping 56.4% of the time while Mullins swings at the first pitch 59.5% of the time. As a lefty swing bat, I like Cedric’s chances tonight!

Beasties Bonus

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The main slate is perfect for eight games that lock at 7:05p EST! That is, it!

Do not forget to check out my favorite stack for tonight June 1st!

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Did I miss something? A certain team? A specific player?

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