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Top MLB DFS Stacks for Friday 9/16/22

Top MLB DFS Stacks

Welcome back, everyone! This Top MLB DFS Stacks article will be a daily Article here at Team Rise or Fall, where I will do my best to highlight my favorite stacks of each day for Fanduel and Draftkings. 

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Top MLB DFS Stacks (Quick Overview)

Welcome back everyone, hopefully you had some success in your NFL Showdown contests last night. Tonight we have a massive 14 game MLB Slate to attack and there are a few teams in really good spot that I’ll highlight below.

Above you see our MLB Top Stacks table that is apart of the MLB Study Hub, and currently the Red Sox are ranked as our #1 stack in their matchup vs Jonathan Heasley. Let’s see if they remain #1 as lineups get confirmed throughout the day. 

Reds vs Cardinals RHP Jack Flaherty

The Cardinals will be sending Captain Jack Flaherty to the mound today vs the Reds. This season, Flaherty has not pitched much, only facing 54 left handed and 34 right handed batters, so I’ll speak more to his numbers since the start of the 2021 season

Since the start of the 2021 season he has a 4.82 xfip and a 23.7% strikeout rate. We can attack him with right handed batters as he has allowed a 210 iso 42% fly ball rate and 44% hard contact rate against righties since 2021

Here are some Reds batters that I’ll target vs Flaherty tonight

Jonathan India – 399 xwoba 193 iso 40% hard contact vs RHP since 2021
Jake Fraley – 250 iso 41% hard contact vs RHP this season
Aristides Aquino – 387 woba 345 iso vs RHP over the last 30 days
Terry Friedl – 377 woba 291 iso vs RHP over the last 30 days

This season, Flaherty has a 6.84 xfip and 13.6% strikeout rate, which are both well below his long term numbers. I’m banking on him continuing to struggle tonight vs this Reds offense.

Astros vs Athletics RHP Adrian Martinez

Adrian Martinez has not pitched much this season, facing only 85 left handed and 88 right handed hitters. In the limited time he’s pitched however, he has not been good, especially against right handed hitters. This season he has allowed a 384 woba 203 iso and 40% hard contact rate to right handed hitters while only managing an 18.2% strikeout rate

The Astros are full of great hitters we can target in this matchup tonight, below are my favorites. 

Yordan Alvarez – 512 xwoba 339 iso 54% hard contact
Alex Bregman – 407 xwoba 225 iso 40% hard contact
Kyle Tucker – 456 xwoba 227 iso 40% hard contact
Jose Altuve – 354 woba 178 iso

Overall this is a great matchup for the Astros and on a 14 game slate you should be able to get plenty of exposure to them at good ownership numbers. 

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Red Sox vs Royals RHP Jonathan Heasley

The Red Sox matchup vs Jonathan Heasley is a juicy one. As you saw above they are currently ranked as our #1 stack and for good reason. Heasley enters this game with a 6.28 xfip and just a 15.3% strikeout rate this season. Against left handed hitters he has allowed a 377 woba 269 iso 46% fly ball rate and 39% hard contact rate this season. Against right handed hitters he has allowed a 339 woba 179 iso 40% fly ball rate and 47% hard contact rate 

You can play Red Sox hitters from both sides of the plate in this matchup, but, I’ll list my favorites below

Rafael Devers – 407 xwoba 266 iso 41% hard contact
Xander Bogaerts – 439 woba 254 iso vs RHP over the last 30 days
Alex Verdugo – 480 xwoba 141 iso 40% hard contact vs RHP over the last 30 days
J.D. Martinez 397 xwoba 192 iso 45% hard contact vs RHP since 2021

Heasley can’t strike anyone out and he gives up a ton of fly balls and hard contact. This is not a good combination for a pitcher and I plan on attacking this spot heavily tonight with Red Sox bats

Padres vs Diamondbacks LHP Madison Bumgarner

Madison Bumgarner was once and ELITE starting pitcher, but, those days are long gone. He enters this game with a 5.59 xfip and just a 16% strikeout rate this season. Against right handed hitters he’s been truly awful allowing a 356 woba 215 iso 40% fly ball rate and 46% hard contact rate.

I’ll be prioritizing right handed Padres in this matchup today, and my favorites are highlighted below

Manny Machado – 384 xwoba 259 iso 48% hard contact
Josh Bell – 406 xwoba 189 iso
Brandon Drury – 445 310 iso 46% hard contact
Will Myers – 573 179 iso 47% hard contact

If you’re stacking Padres you can obviously include Juan Soto as he’s an elite hitter in nearly matchup. I left him off the list above because he’s not as elite vs left handed compared to right handed pitching. 

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Rankings Today

These rankings are not site-specific and are intended to give you a solid pool of players to build your lineups from. I’ll be using the standard positions, Catcher through Outfield in these rankings so be aware of that if you’re constructing teams on Draftkings where some players can play multiple positions

Something I like to do with this, is to give these players a THUMBS UP or 2, or 3, in Fantasy Cruncher so I can get more exposure to them throughout my lineups


Josiah Gray – WAS
Taijuan Walker – NYM
Blake Snell – SD
Justin Verlander – HOU


Cal Raleigh – SEA
Salvador Perez – KC
Gary Sanchez – MIN
Austin Nola – SD


Vinnie Pasquantino – KC
Vladimire Guerrero Jr. – TOR
Triston Casas – BOS
Will Myers – SD


Trevor Story – BOS
Gleybar Torres – NYY
Nick Gordon – MIN
Ketel Marte – ARI


Rafael Devers – BOS
Jose Ramirez – CLE
Manny Machado – SD
Alex Bregman – HOU


Ha-Seong Kim – SD
Jeremy Pena – HOU
Xander Bogaerts – BOS
Bobby Whitt Jr. – KC


Yordan Alvarez – HOU
Juan Soto – SD
JD Martinez – BOS
Julio Rodriguez – SEA
Aaron Judge – NYY
Mike Trout – LAA
Taylor Ward – LAA
Tommy Pham – BOS
Alex Verdugo – BOS

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