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Top NFL DFS Stacks for Week 2

Top NFL DFS Stacks

Hello everyone, welcome to the TOP NFL STACKS article here at TeamRiseOrFall.com Each week I will dive into a few teams that I think will be some of the best stacks of the week.

My goal here will be to narrow down the full slate of teams to a manageable pool we can use and gain an edge vs the field in Large Field Tournaments.

We can also use pieces of these stacks in single entry tourneys, small league play, and even some cash game contests. 

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NFL Top Draftkings Stacks Week X


If you look above, you’ll see our Top 5 projected QB+REC+OppREC stacks this week. I believe the QB plus REC plus a bring back REC from the other team is the most popular stack type so we have that set as our default on our NFL STACKS TOOL

Not surprisingly, this week, the Cardinals/Raiders and Rams/Falcons pop as our top 2 projected stacks on the slate. I’m assuming those two will be near the top in ownership as well, so, for this article I’m going to look for some other spots we can target. That being said, those games are great spots to target if you feel like you can get different in other places throughout your lineup. To keep things simple for the this article I’ll just avoid them.

These projections and rankings will probably change as we get closer to kickoff on Sunday, so keep an eye on injury news and starting lineups throughout the week before you make any final decisions. If you have any questions hit me up in the ROF VIP Discord chat and tag me @CeeGee and we can chat one-on-one about your process. If you prefer, I’m also easy to find on Twitter @CeeGeeDFS

Macro Stack Settings


Before I get into my favorite teams to stack on this week’s slate of games, I want to go over my general stack settings inside Fantasy Cruncher.

Above you will see 5 basic rules that I apply to every lineup I crunch within Fantasy Cruncher. These rules ensure that I get the type of lineups I’m looking for in my final builds.

You can be more restrictive or less restrictive with you’re stack rules, but, I’ve had good success following these basic rules over the years.

Be sure to hit me up in Discord if you have any questions

Lions vs Commanders – 49 o/u

This game has a 49 total, with the Lions sitting at a 2.5 home favorite. Last year the Commanders allowed 25.5 points per game and 254 passing yards per game, while holding opponents to only 104 rushing yards per game. 

Last week Jared Goff attempted 37 passes, completing 21 of them, for 2 touchdowns and 1 int on his way to 16.5 fantasy points. Not a spectacular game but the volume was there for a big one. In that game he targeted Amon-Ra St. Brown 12 times, D.J. Chark 8 times, T.J. Hockens 7 times and D’Andre Swift 3 times. If I’m building a (Goff + at least 1) group, I’m including all 4 of these guys without question

Group Example in Fantasy Cruncher

These groups are a great way to refine your stacks within Fantasy Cruncher without completely forcing any specific players.

This group, with Jared Goff set as the Key Player reads like this: – if Jared Goff is in the lineup, we must use between 1 or 2 of the players below

I like to use the “between 1 or 2” setting rather than simply saying “at least 1” because I don’t want more than 2 players with my QB. You can do that be all means, for me, I just like to limit the stack to 2 players.

Now that we have Goff plus his teammates, we need to think about the players we want to bring back from the other side of the game

Last week the Commanders Offense put on a show vs the Jaguars, scoring 28 points and racking up 390 yard of total Offense. Carson Wenz was 27/41 for 313 yards 4 touchdowns and 2 int on his way to 32.7 Draftkings points.

The players he targeted most were Curtis Samuel (11), Antonio Gibson (8), Logan Thomas (6), Jahan Dotson (5) and shockingly, Terry McLaurin was only targeted 4 times. I’m expecting a big bounce back from McLaurin this week and he’ll most likely be the top bring back option on the Commanders side of the ball

As you can see above, we set a 2nd group with Jared Goff as the keyed player, so that whenever he is in the lineup at least 1 of these players is used as the bring back. In this game, I believe we could run it back with 2 Commanders, but, I’ll just leave it as 1 for now

I normally don’t target running backs in my stacks, but, both of these runnings backs, D’Andre Swift and Antonio Gibson are heavily involved in the passing game, so I have no issues using either of them in my stacks this weekend. 

In Week 9 of 2021 I used a SEA+TB 3+1 Stack along with 2 secondary stacks, Bell+Williams from the NYJ-MIA game, and a very common RB+DEF stack with CMC and Carolina Defense to round out the lineup.

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Colts @ Jaguars – 47 o/u

The Colts finished with a kiss your sister 20-20 tie last week vs the Texans. In that game Matt Ryan threw 52 passes, completing 32 of them for 1 touchdown and 1 int for a total of 20.3 dk points. Jonathan Taylor ran wild, with 31 carries for 161 yards and 1 touchdown, good for 30.5 dk points. Michael Pittman Jr. saw 13 targets, hauling in 9 of them, for a total of 121 yards,  1 touchdown and 30.1 dk points. 

Last season the Jaguards allowed around 125 yards per game on the ground, so, at first glance most people will most likely think this is a Jonathan Taylor “smash week”. They may very well be correct, however, I think we can exploit the Jaguars passing defense as well in this one.

One big question we’ll most likely be asking ourselves all season is “can we play Taylor and Pittman together?” In theory, it doesn’t make sense to play a WR and an RB from the same team together, because, the thought is that if one does well, the other one isn’t doing well.

This was not the case in Week 1, and, if these two keep getting the volume they’re getting, I don’t see it being an issue going forward either. They are both the clear 1A and 1B options on this Offense so I have no issues playing the both together. 

Below you’ll see my setup for Matt Ryan this week and the Colts players I play on using with him.

Group Example in Fantasy Cruncher

One thing that probably catches your eye with this group, is the fact that I have included both Colts RBs, Jonathan Taylor and Nyheim Hines. You may be asking “why do you have both RBs in your group, you can’t play them both can you?”

You’re right, we wont be playing them both, because in my Macro Stack Settings above, we have a rule set to not have any other RB from the same team in our lineups. That being said I’m perfectly fine this week with Matt Ryan being paired with one of Taylor or Hines and Pittman in this matchup

Now that we have our Colts group setup, lets see who we can bring it back with on the other side of this game

I’ll be using the same setup that I used for the Commanders above, and I’ll be including both Jaguars RBs James Robinson and Travis Etienne in my bring back group here.

The bring back I’ll be most interested in here will be WR Christian Kirk who saw 12 targets from Trevor Lawrence last week. He turned those 12 targets into 20.7 dk points and if the Colts are putting up points I’m expecting the Jaguars to be forced to at least try to keep pace in this one. 

Zay Jones saw 9 targets last week, but, he only played 23% of the snaps on Offense so he is a risky boom or bust bring back option here. I’d be happy with Chrisitna Kirk, James Robinson, and Marvin Jones as my primary bring back options for the Jags in this matchup. 

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Other stacks I have interest in

Ravens vs Dolphins

It looks like most people will be paying up at WR this week, while also stacking lower priced QB’s like the one’s I’ve listed above. If that is in fact the way most people chose to build, I think we can get some leverage by building our lineups a little differently

One way to achieve this is to pay up where others are paying down. The most obvious spot for me is at Quarterback this week. I’m looking to pair Lamar Jackson with Mark Andrews to flip my roster construction vs the field consensus.

Jackson didn’t really need to keep his foot on the gas last week, and he still managed 21.2 dk points, while targeting Andrews 7 times. Those 7 targets turned into 10.2 dk points last week, but, could easily turn into 20+ with 10-12 targets in a game environment that should be more competitive this week.

Group Suggestions

Lamar Jackson + Mark Andrews with a Tyreke Hill bring back

Broncos vs Texans

The Broncos struggled last week in Seattle but we got a nice look at how their Offense is going to work this season. Russell Wilson threw 42 passes and completed 29 of them last week for 340 yard and 1 touchdown for a total of 17.8 dk points. His targeted Courtland Sutton 7 times, Jerry Jeudy 7 times, and Albert Okwuegbunam 6 times. The highest target total on the team went to RB Javonte Williams with 12 targets, but, he wasn’t really a downfield option on most plays, he was simply getting dump offs out of the backfield while Russ was running for his life. 

The easiest stack setup here, would be:

Wilson + 1 or 2 of Sutton, Jeudy, Albert O, Williams with a bring back of Brandon Cooks who saw 12 targets last week. 

That’s all I’ve got for today 🤟❤💯

Thank you for checking out the article, I hope I was able to provide you with some value as you begin to build your NFL DFS lineups for this weekend’s contests. Be sure to hit me up in Discord if you have questions. If you would prefer to reach out to me on Twitter @CeeGeeDFS that works too 🤟

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