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Top NFL DFS Stacks for Week 3

Top NFL DFS Stacks

Hello everyone, welcome to the TOP NFL STACKS article here at TeamRiseOrFall.com Each week I will dive into a few teams that I think will be some of the best stacks of the week.

My goal here will be to narrow down the full slate of teams to a manageable pool we can use and gain an edge vs the field in Large Field Tournaments.

We can also use pieces of these stacks in single entry tourneys, small league play, and even some cash game contests. 

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NFL Top Draftkings Stacks Week 3

Welcome back everyone, hopefully you had some success in your NFL DFS Week 2 contests. Our start to Week 3 went well with that Browns win over the Squealers last night. This main slate looks like a doozy as we have several teams with high implied team totals as I sit here on Friday afternoon

If you look above you will see our NFL GAMEFLOW page which is apart of the NFL DFS Study Hub. This page gives you a macro overview of each teams’ Vegas info, along with their Run vs Pass Distribution and the yardage their Defense allows to each position.

As you can see, we have 6 teams, with Vegas implied team totals of 27.25 or higher. The Bills, Vikings, Chiefs, Eagles, Chargers and Rams. Sadly, those teams are all pretty heavy favorites ranging from -5.5 to -7, so, there is a risk that the games may not be as competitive as we’d normally like to see. 

I would like to take a moment to give you a brief example of how I personally narrow down my list of Offenses that I’m thinking of targeting each week. 

On the image above, I sorted our NFL GAMEFLOW table to show the Team Pass% highest to lowest. This will show me which teams have passed the ball the most through the first 2 games of the season. You see the Jets, Raiders, Saints, Dolphins, Vikings and Rams rank as the Top 6.

From there, I look further to the right, to see what their Opponents have allowed this year as far as Passing Yards Per Game. The Jets opponent is the Bengals this week, and you can see the Bengals have only allowed 211 pass yards per game. So, maybe not a great matchup for the Jets, moving on:

Raiders vs Titans 234.5 PassYds/G
Saints vs Panthers 150 PassYds/G
Dolphins vs Bills 149 PassYds/G

None of these really jump off the page (that doesn’t mean they don’t have potential, just that, none are obvious smash spots imo) moving on:

Then we run into the Vikings vs Lions and we see the 1st “good matchup” for our heaviest Pass% teams. The Lions have given up 273.5 passing yards per game in their 1st two games this season, so, let’s add the Vikings to our shortlist

Next we have the Rams visiting the Cardinals. As you see, the Cardinals have allowed 302 pass yards per game so far this season, so, clearly this should be a spot we look into further

I’ll end with the quick macro breakdown here, hopefully you got some value out of that little breakdown of my weekly process. Keep reading below, as I dig into some of my favorite stacks on this NFL DFS Week 3 slate and some suggested groupings we can target from each side of the game

Macro Stack Settings

Before I get into my favorite teams to stack on this week’s slate of games, I want to go over my general stack settings inside Fantasy Cruncher.

Above you will see 5 basic rules that I apply to every lineup I crunch within Fantasy Cruncher. These rules ensure that I get the type of lineups I’m looking for in my final builds.

You can be more restrictive or less restrictive with you’re stack rules, but, I’ve had good success following these basic rules over the years.

Be sure to hit me up in Discord if you have any questions

Vikings vs Lions 52.5 total

The Vikings have started this season with a pass heavy approach as they enter this game they have a 67.5 / 32.5 pass / run ratio. This should setup nicely this week against a Lions team who, through the first two weeks, have allowed 32.5 points per game and 273.5 pass yards per game. Notably, they’ve been pretty bad against the run early this season as well, allowing 152 rush yards per game through their first two games.

Make a mental note of this, because, if the Vikings passing attack becomes chalky later in the week, we could potentially pivot to their rushing attack and get leverage vs the field

Group Example in Fantasy Cruncher

The Vikings Offense is very concentrated around only a few players, that’s why I love to stack them even though Kirk Cousins isn’t the greatest quarterback in the league. Through the first two weeks, Justin Jefferson has been the clear #1 option in this Offense, and he has a 30% market-share of Cousins’ targets. He blew up in Week 1 with 11 targets and 42.4 DK points, and then came back down to earth in Week 2 only scoring 10.8 DK points, but still, seeing 12 targets.

The Lions Defense currently ranks 3rd worst on this slate vs QB, allowing 26.25 DK points per game, while also ranking 2nd worst vs RB, allowing 24.55 DK points per game. How many people will have Cousins + Cook + a pass catcher?

Dalvin Cook, Adam Thielen and Ivr Smith Jr. have each seen around 5 or 6 targets per game through the first two weeks, so, you can pair any of them with Jefferson to get a very heavy Vikings offensive stack in this matchup.

If we’re expecting this game to reach it’s 52.5 total or more, then, we’ll need the Lions Offense to put up some points on the other side. The most obvious bring back option is going to be WR Amon-Ra St. Brown who has been on fire to start this season. Brown saw 12 targets in week one, leading to 20.4 DK points, and, in week two, he saw 12 targets again, leading to a slate breaking 42.4 DK points. He’s obviously the #1 option for Jared Goff and this Lions pass game, and, they will need to have good games to keep this one close.

I don’t normally like to use running backs in my stacks, but, in this game, we can target both RBs because of their involvement in the passing games. Lions RB D’Andre Swift is the lead back for this offense, but, he splits time about 65/35 with backup Jamaal Williams. That doesn’t worry me too much as Swift will get the majority of the work.

You can safely add TE T.J. Hockenson in your bring back group, along with D.J. Chark who have each seen between 6 and 7 targets per game through the first two weeks. Again, our primary bring back is going to be Amon-Ra St. Brown but we have several ways we can get different depending on how ownership looks later in the week. 

You could easily setup Jared Goff as another “Key Player” in a new Group, and use these exact same  Lions rules if you’d like. If we like Cousins on one side, and we’re expecting the game to reach 52+ points, it would be silly not to have some Jared Goff exposure on the other side. 

In Week 9 of 2021 I used a SEA+TB 3+1 Stack along with 2 secondary stacks, Bell+Williams from the NYJ-MIA game, and a very common RB+DEF stack with CMC and Carolina Defense to round out the lineup.

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Rams @ Cardinals 50.5 total

I feel like the Cardinals have been involved in the Top Stacks article the whole season, either as an Offense we want to stack, or, as a Defense we want to attack. This week, they are once again the latter, as they face the high powered Rams Offense. 

So far this season the Cardinals have allowed 302 pass yards 104 rush yards and 33.5 points per game. Clearly their Defense is having some issues and we should be able to attack them with some Rams Offensive weapons this Sunday

Group Example in Fantasy Cruncher

Two players on the Rams are currently “Double A” rated this week. Those players are Cooper Kupp and Tyler Higbee. The obvious combo for the Rams is Matthew Stafford + Cooper Kupp + Tyler Higbee. I don’t believe the full 3 man stack will be as popular as the QB plus Kupp “OR” Higbee combinations. The Cardinals currently rank last in the league vs TE allowing 19.6 DK points per game to the position, largely due to the huge game from Travis Kelce in Week 1.

If you’re not a fan of Higbee, we can target Allen Robinson who saw 5 targets last week, and played 97% of the snaps in Week 1 and 92% of the snaps in Week 2. You gotta believe it’s only a matter of time until he breaks out for a big game in this Offense

The bring back options just ok on this Cardinals Offense. Our top bring back option is clearly Marquise Brown, who saw 11 targets last week after seeing just 6 in Week 1 when he was mega chalk. Zach Ertz saw 11 targets last week as well, but, we’re most likely not bringing him back if we already have Tyler Higbee in our lineup. If we have Cooper Kubb + Allen Robinson we could run it back with Zach Ertz however

The Rams currently rank 2nd worst vs WR, allowing 37.15 DK points per game, so, this could be a big week for Marquise Brown if the Cardinals are in catch up mode early on. 

I’m not really a fan of AJ Green these days, so, save him for GPP dart throws. Greg Dortch, was mega chalk as the cheap easy bring back option on the chalk Raiders Offense stacks last week. He has scored 13.5 and 15.5 DK points in the first two weeks, but, he’s not longer priced as a pure punt with his $4.3k price tag

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Chiefs @ Colts 49.5 total

Somehow the Chiefs Offense always seems to go overlooked when we dig into these “Top Stacks” articles. The reason, is most likely because of the price of the players, but, the consistent production and ceiling is virtually unmatched every week. This week is no different, with Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce as the clear top ceiling options on the slate. Mahomes ranks 4th, behind Josh Allen, Jalen Hurts and Lamar Jackson when looking at their 15% range of outcomes, while Travis Kelce ranks 1st among all TE on this slate.

The combination of Mahomes + Kelce will cost you $15.8k on DK, but, generally when Kelce has a great game, so does Mahomes. I love them here at low ownership this week. 

Group Example in Fantasy Cruncher

The Mahomes + pass catcher options are vast, and, in this matchup where we expect the Chiefs to approach 30 points, you can stack them up several ways. JuJu Smith-Schuster, Marquez Valdez-Scantling and Mecole Hardman are great pairings with Mahomes or with Mahomes and Kelce this week. 

The bring back options on the Colts side are slim pickings especially if Michael Pittman Jr. is out again. If Pittman plays, he’s the obvious bring back option, but, if he doesn’t play, I may not force a bring back at all here and I may just bank on the Chiefs scoring 30+ points and try to capture as much of that scoring as possible. 

That’s all I’ve got for today 🤟❤💯

Thank you for checking out the article, I hope I was able to provide you with some value as you begin to build your NFL DFS lineups for this weekend’s contests. Be sure to hit me up in Discord if you have questions. If you would prefer to reach out to me on Twitter @CeeGeeDFS that works too 🤟

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