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Top SuperDraft NBA DFS Picks: 5 Daily Fantasy Basketball Targets 3/29

NBA DFS has an 11 game slate on DraftKings, FanDuel along with a 10 game slate on SuperDraft. These are the early morning Top SuperDraft NBA DFS Picks. Be sure to dive into the NBA DFS Rankings, Cash Picks, and Player Pool or the GPP Picks and Player Pool afterward. And of course, the Rise or Fall NBA DFS Projections, ownerships, player ratings, and data are a good place to start for daily fantasy sports.

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SuperDraft NBA DFS

Top 5 SuperDraft NBA DFS Picks

SuperDraft NBA DFS Picks Target – Giannis Antetokounmpo F 1.05x

Giannis gets a matchup against the Clippers with a multiplier. He stands out as a Cash play for me as he has one of the highest floors in the NBA. If this game stays competitive, Giannis should play upwards of 35 minutes which would lead me to expect a 50+ SuperDraft point performance on today’s slate. 

SuperDraft NBA DFS Picks Target – De’Aaron Fox G 1.3x

De’Aaron Fox at 1.3x is someone I’ll be targeting in Cash and will be in my GPP core. Over his last 3 games, Fox has eclipsed 36 minutes in every game and scored 66, 81, and 74 SuperDraft points in those contests in which he was either 1.3x or 1.25x. 

1.3x is way too high of a multiplier for Fox if you think he will play 35+ minutes and continue to have a usage rate at or above 30%. 

SuperDraft NBA DFS Picks Target – Steph Curry G 1.3x

Steph Curry should be back for tonight’s game against Chicago and he is at a multiplier that gives him the highest ceiling on the slate. Assuming this game stays competitive, I expect Curry to get his normal run of 35-36 minutes and 20+ shot attempts. 

We know Curry can get hot on any given night and can score 50 standard points with ease. Add a 1.3x multiplier and you have an amazing upside. Curry is a priority target for me at the Guard position.

SuperDraft NBA DFS Picks Target – Nikola Vucevic C 1.2x

Nikola Vucevic gets a plus matchup against a Golden State team that plays at a high pace and will match him up with James Wiseman and Kevon Looney. Vucevic is my top Cash Center on the slate and is my top Center for GPPs. 

1.2x gives Vucevic a high enough floor where he will not kill your lineups in a competitive game and a ceiling that has GPP winning upside. I’m expecting a double-double out of Vucevic on tonight’s slate.

SuperDraft NBA DFS Lineup Winning Pick – Dejounte Murray G 1.45x

Dejounte Murray gets a matchup against a Sacramento team that has been terrible on defense at 1.45x. Murray will be a volatile play with a low floor but he has an 80 SuperDraft point ceiling. 

I’m expecting the field to go to Derrick White 1.75x which is a lower probability play, in my opinion. Give me a higher floor and upside with Dejounte Murray.

Today’s Photo Credit: Keith Allison

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In the NBA DFS Picks Rankings, there is a section for strategy and player notes. These are written up in the form of analysis for the player and best use of the player for DFS. In addition to the notes, being a part of the Rise or Fall Discord Chat is a fantastic way to discuss Draftkings, FanDuel, and SuperDraft with both members and staff. Everyone is in there picking each other’s brains all day long and enjoying DFS together.

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