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Week 2 Underdog Monday Night Football Contests

Underdog Monday Night Football Contests

It’s Week Two and Monday Night Football has TWO games tonight! If you love DFS, you have to try this new fast-paced and fun format from Underdog. Today, I’m sharing my favorite strategies for the Underdog Monday Night Football Contests. Let’s go!

My goal isn’t to build your lineup for you, it’s to be a guide by using my experience as a sports bettor and by using the membership tools available at Team Rise or Fall. With that being said, let’s look at the fun, new Underdog Single Game DFS Week 1 format! But first… a word from my sponsor 🙂

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What is the format of the Underdog Monday Night Football Contests?

You may not have heard too much about these contests yet. I’ll be writing about them every week during the season. Today, I’m focused on the two Monday night games. These contests can be found in the Underdog Fantasy Lobby or in the NFL section.

There are two bigger money contests happening now, but they may be filled by the time you log in today. That’s ok! There are still plenty of Underdog Monday Night Football Contests that you can get into and still double up (or better) on your bet. 

Here are the main rules. I’ll get into the Week 2 Underdog Monday Night Football Contest strategy below. 

  • Basic Battle Royale
  • Single Game Monday Night Slate (No QB)
  • 4 Round Draft (no salary cap)
  • 2 or 3 Person Draft Sizes Available
  • 30 Second Clock
  • Big Money Slates allow for a traditional draft with a QB
  • Smaller contests allow for a 4 Flex Player Roster (RBs, WRs, TEs)

Week 2 Underdog Monday Night Football Contests

Let’s look at the stack. 

Dalvin Cook + Justin Jefferson (or Cousins if available)

When you think of stacking a duo in a draft, you don’t usually think of pairing a RB and a WR. Typically, we think of pairing our QB with a WR. In this particular DFS format, you may not have the opportunity to draft a typical stack. It will all depend on the type of contest you’re in, your draft position, and the ADP of your stackable players. 

In the draft I just participated in, I wasn’t able to stack exactly who I was targeting, but my opponent was able to somehow stack both Cook and Jefferson. In looking at his predicted result, he’s projected to win. I was so focused on trying to stack my QB pick, Josh Allen, that I lost sight of other valuable fantasy points that were available. 

The lesson here? Don’t get hung up on traditional stacks in these Underdog Monday Night Football Contests. 

Scroll a little and score a gem. 

Zach Moss or Kirk Cousins

Coming off of a devastating goose egg from Albert O this week, I’m obviously a little hesitant to dig too deeply into the depth chart. That being said, Zach Moss has had a surprising start considering how little he was utilized last season. I’m hopeful that he might be able to continue this trend and again, have more touches tonight. He’s projected to bring at least 5.7 fantasy points tonight. 

If you’re playing a contest that allows for a QB pick, I’d recommend waiting and choosing Kirk Cousins after you’ve drafted Justin Jefferson or Dalvin Cook to your team. He’ll still be available for your second pick. If by some chance you’re able to make the Cook and Jefferson stack in your first and second picks, I’d wait to make the gamble that Cousins is still there for your third pick. 

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