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Week 3 DraftKings NFL DFS Top Picks

Week 3 DraftKings NFL DFS Top Picks

It’s another exciting week of football and I’m here to give you additional insight into building your DraftKings lineups. This week, we’re diving into Week 3 DraftKings NFL DFS Top Picks! Let’s Gooooo!

My goal isn’t to build your lineup for you, it’s to be a guide by using my experience as a sports bettor and by using the membership tools available at Team Rise or Fall. With that being said… let’s look at this week’s favorites after a word from our sponsors. πŸ™‚

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Week 3 DraftKings NFL DFS Top Picks

Who’s projected to make the most fantasy points this week? It’s tight. Within 10ths of a point.

Cooper Kupp (and Justin Jefferson)

Both Cooper Kupp ($9.9) and Justin Jefferson ($9.3) are projected to bring just over 23 fantasy points this week. In looking at the member-exclusive StudyHub tool… I see that the rostership is much lower on Jefferson than it is for Kupp. He is consistent so far in his scoring, but he’s on track to average roughly 15 weekly fantasy points less than Kupp. Was last week’s high scoring a fluke? Let’s hope not.

That being said Kupp is facing the Arizona defense this week. They currently are ranking 21st in team defense. Jefferson is facing Detroit. Their defense currently ranks 28th of 32. I’m leaning towards Jefferson, but maybe only because he’s priced a little less. Regardless, both defenses are pumped and ready for this week’s matchups. It might be worth pivoting on your WR and spending the salary elsewhere in your lineup.Β 

Want a different WR option?

Amon-Ra St. Brown

The Lions face the Vikings this week. In looking at our Week 3 DraftKings NFL DFS Top Picks… you can’t get much better than Amon-Ra St. Brown. He’s valued appropriately, he’s brought in big fantasy points per game in weeks 1 and 2, and the Vikings defense just isn’t that good. I would expect to see another high-performance week from ARSB this week! Priced far lower ($7.2) than his counterparts mentioned above, it would be crazy to not include him. His rostership is still fairly low too, as I’m sure there are plenty of people who aren’t quite ready to get on board with the Lions just yet.Β 

Looking for consistency?

Dalvin Cook

If it’s consistency you’re looking for in your Week 3 DraftKings NFL DFS Top Picks, then Dalvin Cook is your man. Priced at $7.9 and projected to produce 17+ fantasy points, he’s a promising choice this week. In week 1 he produced 21.4 FPPG and last week he brought us 19.8 FFPG. Can’t get much more consistent than that! Just to add a cherry to the top of this glowing report… he’s got just a 1.6% rostership at the time of this publication. Now let’s hope I’ve not jinxed it. 🀞

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