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Week 5 FanDuel DFS Value Picks

Week 5 FanDuel DFS Value Picks

It’s Week 5 of NFL Football and you’ve clicked open my weekly FanDuel DFS Value Picks article for Team Rise or Fall. What makes a value pick? Typically, I cover the most lovable longshot, my favorite TE (because who doesn’t love a tight end?), and a sneaky pick of the week. Then, I share why they’re worthwhile or if there’s a comparable replacement. 

My goal isn’t to build your lineup for you, it’s to guide you by using my experience as a sports bettor and the membership tools available at Team Rise or Fall. With that being said… let’s look at Sunday’s main slate favorites. (After a word from our sponsor…)

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Week 5 FanDuel DFS Value Picks

The most lovable longshot… 

Geno Smith

Geno Smith has been outperforming everyone’s expectations, including his DFS projections week by week. Ok. Ok. He did have one real stinker of a game in week 2, but we’ll gloss over that. At just $6.9K with a projection of 15.71 fantasy points, he’s a fantastic value in my eyes, especially talking longshots. In comparison, Jared Goff, who has been my favorite longshot pick this year, is projected the same 15.7 fantasy points but comes with a price tag of $8K. For as well as Geno has been playing, he really isn’t getting the respect that he deserves.  

Who Doesn’t Love a Tight End?

Darren Waller (or…)

Priced at $5.9K this week, Darren Waller is projected to bring in 10.5 fantasy points. His salary is far below that of Travis Kelce ($8.3) or Mark Andrews ($7.8), but so is his projection. Kelce and Andrews lead the pack at 15 projected fantasy points, followed by Waller at his 10. All three are actually really good Week 5 FanDuel DFS Value Picks depending on your build strategy. Andrews is the only one starting to approach more rostership than we’d like (8% at the time of this publication).

Sneaky Pick of the Week… 

Austin Ekeler

You might be asking yourself why I’m listing Austin Ekeler as my Sneaky Pick for our Week 5 FanDuel DFS Value Picks. Well, mainly because many of Ekelers fans fell off the bandwagon in the first couple weeks of the season. His rostership is still manageable at (at 6% at the time of publication). He is on the pricey side at $9K, but is projected to bring us north of 15 fantasy points. Ekeler has actually been averaging 19 FPPG, never falling below 9 in these first 4 weeks of play. If you’re looking for a less expensive option, I’d look to Aaron Jones ($7.6K, 14.25 projected, 3% rostership, avg 14 FPPG). 

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