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What I Learned in 2020 NFL DFS and 2021 NFL DFS Strategy for DraftKings and FanDuel

What I Learned in 2020 NFL DFS and 2021 NFL DFS Strategy for DraftKings and FanDuel

Okay, tongue in cheek. I did win $40,000 last NFL season BUT I personally believe I left a lot of meat on the bone and learned A LOT while doing so. I plan on fixing all of it this season and making it my best season yet.

While it was my highest earnings during an NFL season, it might have been one of my worst as far as execution goes. I made so many mistakes & left a lot of money on the table. Simply put, I can do better.

I spend so much time showing people the amount of money they won vs. the amount of money they could have won based on contest selection. I do it virtually every single day on my twitch live stream. I highlight what “score A” would have done in “Contest B vs C”.

And B vs C has major impacts on the bankroll. Honestly, it’s likely one of the single greatest difference makers that separate a long-term profitable player vs a long-term depositor. While I did make money, it very easily could have been a wretched season due to my poor selection.

I look for a few things when entering contests. What is the top prize? What is the top 10 payout? What is the % of entries paid? What place do I have to get to win a similar amount in a smaller / bigger contest? More on the last one in a future thread – it’s crucial.

Looking back at what I did last season, I had a few huge weeks where I turned a couple of grand in play into $27,000 and another big week of $15,000 or so. I invested over 150k & returned 190k I played no cash games I was in the wrong SE My MME got lucky So much to fix for 2021.

Again, my contest selection was wretched. I want to maximize my return on my investments. So what contests should I enter? If building your bankroll, is it important to play SE, Cash, MME, or a combination of the aforementioned types?

How to make your money go further in DFS for DraftKings & FanDuel

A 212 in Week 1 last season returned about 7x in most small tournaments of several hundred people. The same 212 returned just 4x in most large-field tournaments.
📷 1 – #5 3max / 35,671 entries = $20 profit
📷2 – $5 SE / 178 entries = $40 profit
What I Learned in 2020 NFL DFS and 2021 Goals for DraftKings and FanDuelWhat I Learned in 2020 NFL DFS and 2021 Goals for DraftKings and FanDuel

Why is this a big deal?

Over the course of an entire season, you want your money to go further for you when you’re losing & you want your winnings to cover those losses. Let’s say I only play a single $5 weekly. If I entered the small GPP ($40 profit), I can absorb 8 straight losing weeks & break even.

Now, what happens if you profit just once more in the first example? Now you’re playing with house money for virtually 3 quarters of the NFL season. That example is even better if the amount you profit with is more.

If you returned $70 profit you are looking at covering 12 losing weeks in the future. Meaning, you really only need a couple more profitable out of the next 12 for a successful season. MAKE YOUR MONEY GO FURTHER.

**these are actually Tweet threads and I will be doing these several times per week on Twitter for the DFS community. Feel free to read the rest of the thread in the following two tweets**

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