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Yesterday’s Perfect FanDuel MLB DFS Lineup (Monday 9/4/23)

MLB DFS Lineup

Have you ever wrapped up a thrilling night of daily fantasy sports (DFS) and found yourself pondering over the ideal lineup that could have netted you the most points? If so, you’re in luck. Here at TeamRiseOrFall, we’re dedicated to shedding light on that exact topic.

Today, we’re diving into the optimal DFS lineup for yesterday’s main slate, focusing on the MLB DFS top pitchers and MLB picks that powered this lineup to perfection.

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Yesterday’s Winning FanDuel Lineup

Below, you’ll discover the expertly crafted lineup that dominated yesterday’s DFS action on FanDuel:

Merrill Kelly (ARI)P$10,3000000711264.0
Corey Seager (TEX)SS$4,500253200043.9
Jose Altuve (HOU)2B$4,000164200046.6
Alex Bregman (HOU)3B$3,600454000028.2
Triston Casas (BOS)1B$2,900442100035.4
Seiya Suzuki (CHC)OF$2,800642100034.9
Mauricio Dubon (HOU)2B/SS/OF$2,500952200037.4
Edward Olivares (KC)OF$2,300253200046.9
Lawrence Butler (OAK)OF$2,100842200040.9
Total Salary$35,000

Analyzing the Winning Formula

The secret sauce behind yesterday’s winning FanDuel MLB DFS lineup lies in the strategic selection of DFS top pitchers and smart player choices. Let’s dive into some key takeaways:

1. Merrill Kelly’s Dominance on the Mound

Merrill Kelly from the Arizona Diamondbacks showcased his pitching prowess, securing an impressive 64.0 fantasy points. With 12 strikeouts and merely one earned run over 7 innings, Kelly’s ability to control the game was unmatched. His performance underscores the significance of opting for top pitchers like Kelly in your lineup.

2. Powerful Bats: Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman

The Houston Astros’ duo, Jose Altuve and Alex Bregman, ignited the scoreboard with their explosive hitting. Altuve’s 46.6 fantasy points came from his 4 hits, including 2 home runs, while Bregman’s solid performance with 4 hits contributed to his 28.2 fantasy points. Incorporating players with consistent hitting prowess can be a game-changer in your DFS strategy.

3. Emerging Talents: Triston Casas and Seiya Suzuki

Triston Casas of the Boston Red Sox and Seiya Suzuki of the Chicago Cubs showcased their potential as rising stars. With a combination of 4 hits and a 2 home runs from the duo. Casas secured 35.4 fantasy points, while Suzuki’s contributions earned him 34.9 fantasy points. Investing in emerging talents with the capability to deliver big points is a wise move in crafting a winning lineup.

4. Diverse Contributions: Mauricio Dubon, Edward Olivares, and Lawrence Butler

The lineup’s versatility was fortified by players like Mauricio Dubon, Edward Olivares, and Lawrence Butler. Their combined effort added depth to the lineup, with contributions in various positions. Their collective fantasy points of 124.3 highlight the importance of considering players with multi-position flexibility to maximize your lineup’s potential.


Yesterday’s perfect FanDuel MLB DFS lineup exemplifies the winning combination of calculated pitching and strategic batting choices. The presence of top pitchers like Merrill Kelly and a blend of seasoned hitters and emerging talents propelled this lineup to an impressive 378.2 fantasy points. Incorporating these insights into your DFS strategy could be your ticket to claiming victory in the competitive realm of daily fantasy sports. 

That’s all I’ve got for today 🤟❤💯

Thank you for checking out the article, I hope I was able to provide you with some value as you begin to build your DFS lineups for today’s contests.

Be sure to hit me up in Discord if you have questions. If you would prefer to reach out to me on Twitter @CeeGeeDFS that works too 🤟

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