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Yesterday’s Perfect FanDuel MLB DFS Lineup (Tuesday 9/5/23)

MLB DFS Lineup

Have you ever finished a night of daily fantasy and wondered what a perfect FanDuel lineup would look like? Well, wonder no more! Here at TeamRiseOrFall, we’re dedicated to bringing you insights that can truly make a difference in your daily fantasy sports strategy.

In this article, we’ll delve into the perfect FanDuel MLB DFS lineup for yesterday’s main slate, breaking down the players, their positions, and their standout performances. So, let’s jump right into it!

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The Winning Lineup

Here’s a quick recap of the winning lineup that conquered the competition yesterday:

Player Position Salary Order PA H HR IP ER K FP
Chris Bassitt (TOR) P $9,300 0 0 0 0 8 1 7 52.0
Jose Altuve (HOU) 2B $3,800 1 5 3 3 3 0 0 56.1
Brandon Nimmo (NYM) OF $3,100 1 5 3 2 0 0 0 43.6
Nolan Gorman (STL) 2B/3B $2,900 3 5 2 2 2 0 0 40.9
Xander Bogaerts (SD) SS $2,900 5 4 4 0 0 0 0 28.1
Jordan Walker (STL) OF $2,800 6 4 3 1 0 0 0 37.6
Seiya Suzuki (CHC) OF $2,800 6 5 4 1 0 0 0 40.9
Francisco Alvarez (NYM) C $2,700 6 4 2 1 0 0 0 47.1
Martin Maldonado (HOU) C $2,300 9 5 2 2 2 0 0 44.4
Total Salary   $32,600                
Total FP                   390.7

Player Analysis

Now, let’s dissect the key players who formed this powerhouse lineup and discover why they were the top choices for yesterday’s MLB DFS action:

Chris Bassitt (TOR) – Pitcher

Position: P
Salary: $9,300
Points: 52.0

Chris Bassitt, demonstrated exceptional skill and finesse on the mound. He delivered an impressive 7 strikeouts in 8 innings, helping to secure a substantial 52.0 fantasy points. Bassitt’s steady performance was pivotal in achieving the perfect lineup.

Jose Altuve (HOU) – Second Baseman

Position: 2B
Salary: $3,800
Points: 56.1

Jose Altuve had a standout night, amassing a whopping 56.1 fantasy points. His incredible performance included 3 home runs, showcasing his prowess as a second baseman. Altuve’s performance is a testament to his consistency and ability to deliver when it matters most.

Brandon Nimmo (NYM) – Outfielder

Position: OF
Salary: $3,100
Points: 43.6

Brandon Nimmo, an outfielder for the New York Mets, was another integral part of yesterday’s perfect lineup. With 2 home runs, Nimmo contributed significantly to the team’s success, earning 43.6 fantasy points.

Nolan Gorman (STL) – Infielder

Position: 2B/3B
Salary: $2,900
Points: 40.9

Nolan Gorman’s versatility in playing both second base and third base made him a valuable asset in this lineup. His performance, which included 2 home runs, contributed 40.9 fantasy points. Gorman’s adaptability and strong batting were key factors in his selection.

Xander Bogaerts (SD) – Shortstop

Position: SS
Salary: $2,900
Points: 28.1

Xander Bogaerts, although earning fewer fantasy points compared to some other players in the lineup, displayed consistency as a shortstop. With 4 hits in the game, Bogaerts added 28.1 fantasy points to the total, highlighting the importance of balanced player selections.

Jordan Walker (STL) – Outfielder

Position: OF
Salary: $2,800
Points: 37.6

Jordan Walker, an outfielder, had a solid performance, contributing 37.6 fantasy points to the perfect lineup. His 3 hits and 1 home run showcased his ability to make an impact on the field.

Seiya Suzuki (CHC) – Outfielder

Position: OF
Salary: $2,800
Points: 40.9

Seiya Suzuki, another outfielder, mirrored Walker’s performance, earning 40.9 fantasy points. His 4 hits and 1 home run demonstrated his value as a consistent contributor to the team’s success.

Francisco Alvarez (NYM) – Catcher

Position: C
Salary: $2,700
Points: 47.1

Francisco Alvarez, the catcher for the New York Mets, had an outstanding night behind the plate. With 2 hits and 1 home run, Alvarez secured an impressive 47.1 fantasy points. His performance highlights the importance of selecting a reliable catcher in DFS lineups.

Martin Maldonado (HOU) – Catcher

Position: C
Salary: $2,300
Points: 44.4

Martin Maldonado, the second catcher in our lineup, played a crucial role in yesterday’s success. With 2 home runs, Maldonado accumulated 44.4 fantasy points. His strong performance underscores the significance of making well-rounded player choices.


In summary, the perfect FanDuel MLB DFS lineup for yesterday’s main slate was a result of careful player selection and an understanding of each player’s strengths and weaknesses. This winning combination of players from various positions, backed by solid pitching from Chris Bassitt, led to a remarkable total of 390.7 fantasy points.

That’s all I’ve got for today 🤟❤💯

Thank you for checking out the article, I hope I was able to provide you with some value as you begin to build your DFS lineups for today’s contests.

Be sure to hit me up in Discord if you have questions. If you would prefer to reach out to me on Twitter @CeeGeeDFS that works too 🤟

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