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Breaking NFL News: DeAndre Hopkins Released! Will He Join the Bills or Chiefs?

NFL NEWS 🚨 DeAndre Hopkins Released! Bills? Chiefs?

DeAndre Hopkins released? Wow, Welcome to our article covering the breaking news in the NFL! In a recent video by Underdog Fantasy’s Hayden Winks, we learned that the Arizona Cardinals have made the surprising decision to release star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins. As we delve into the details of this unexpected move, we will also explore the expert analysis provided by Hayden Winks, who has identified the Buffalo Bills and the Kansas City Chiefs as potential landing spots for Hopkins. Additionally, we will discuss the fantasy football implications of this release and how it could impact your Best Ball Mania drafts. Get ready to uncover the latest developments and predictions surrounding one of the league’s most talented players. Let’s dive in!

Breaking NFL News: DeAndre Hopkins Released! Will He Join the Bills or Chiefs?


The NFL world is abuzz with the latest news that DeAndre Hopkins has been released by the Arizona Cardinals for cap savings. The star wide receiver is now a free agent, and several teams are vying for his talents. The Kansas City Chiefs and Buffalo Bills are at the top of the list, with Hopkins mentioning both teams as potential destinations. In this article, we will discuss the implications of this news and which team makes the most sense for Hopkins.

DeAndre Hopkins’ Release and Cap Savings

The Arizona Cardinals have officially released DeAndre Hopkins in a move aimed at saving cap space. Although the Cardinals initially tried to trade Hopkins to save approximately $9 million in cap space, they were unsuccessful. As a result, they opted for a post-June 1st cut, which will save them a substantial $19 million against the cap this year. This decision aligns with the Cardinals’ focus on building for the future and addressing concerns such as Kyler Murray’s ACL injury.

Potential Landing Spots for DeAndre Hopkins

DeAndre Hopkins himself has mentioned a list of teams he’s considering. The host highlights five quarterbacks Hopkins mentioned on his podcast: Patrick Mahomes of the Chiefs, Josh Allen of the Bills, Jalen Hurts of the Eagles, Lamar Jackson of the Ravens, and Justin Herbert of the Chargers. Based on these preferences, the host analyzes the cap space of various teams to determine the potential landing spots for Hopkins.

  • Kansas City Chiefs: Despite having limited cap space, the Chiefs could restructure Patrick Mahomes’ contract to create room for Hopkins. The combination of Hopkins and Mahomes would make the Chiefs a strong contender.
  • Buffalo Bills: Hopkins has shown interest in joining the Bills in the past. With some cap space available, the Bills could make a move to acquire him, adding to their already formidable receiving corps.
  • Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles possess two talented wide receivers, but they have shown a tendency to seize opportunities when veterans become available. With $13 million in cap space, the Eagles could potentially pursue Hopkins.
  • Baltimore Ravens: The Ravens already made a move by adding Odell Beckham Jr., and their wide receiver room is relatively crowded. While the Ravens have cap space, it remains uncertain whether they would pursue Hopkins.
  • Los Angeles Chargers: The Chargers have a solid wide receiver group and need to address Justin Herbert’s contract situation. While the Chargers may not be the perfect fit, the allure of playing alongside Herbert could be intriguing for Hopkins.

The host also mentions other teams that could be in the mix, such as the Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, New England Patriots, Atlanta Falcons, and Cleveland Browns. These teams have the necessary cap space and a need for an outside wide receiver.

Fantasy Impact

From a fantasy football perspective, DeAndre Hopkins’ departure from Arizona could have significant implications. In the previous drafts, Hopkins was being selected around the fourth or fifth round as the 22nd wide receiver off the board. However, his value is likely to increase if he lands with the Chiefs or the Bills. In those scenarios, he could be a second or third-round pick, joining the ranks of players like T. Higgins and DK Metcalf.

The host also suggests considering Marquise Brown as a winner in this situation, as he could see increased targets in Hopkins’ absence. Other players who might benefit include Trey McBride, a tight end who could have a clearer path to playing time, and Kyler Murray, who might face less pressure to return early if the Cardinals adopt a rebuilding approach.


Conclusion and FAQ

DeAndre Hopkins’ release has created a buzz in the NFL community, with multiple teams vying for his services. The Chiefs and the Bills seem to be the most likely landing spots, given their potential to restructure contracts and accommodate his salary. The fantasy implications of Hopkins’ departure are significant, with his value likely to rise if he joins a team with an elite quarterback.


Q: How much cap space do the Chiefs and Bills have? A: The Chiefs currently have only $1 million in cap space but can restructure Patrick Mahomes’ contract to free up more room. The Bills have around $1 million in cap space as well, which they can also address through contract restructuring and player releases.

Q: What are the potential fantasy implications of Hopkins’ release? A: If Hopkins joins the Chiefs or the Bills, his fantasy value is likely to increase, and he could be a second or third-round pick in drafts. Marquise Brown, Trey McBride, and Kyler Murray are among the players who could benefit from Hopkins’ absence.

Q: Which other teams could potentially sign DeAndre Hopkins? A: Besides the Chiefs and Bills, teams such as the Eagles, Ravens, Chargers, Lions, Packers, Patriots, Falcons, and Browns have the cap space to pursue Hopkins. However, it remains to be seen whether they will make a move for him.

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